The Modern Nation-State Term Paper by Nicky

The Modern Nation-State
This paper aims to provide a new understanding of the modern nation-state.
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The paper discusses the concepts of nations, states and nation states and specifically looks at the United States as a nation state and the European Union as a transnational entity. The paper points out the differences in the way that the United States and the European Union operate and explains how they stem from their very different organizational structures and political foundations.

Nations, States, and Nation States
The United States as a Nation-State
The European Union as a Transnational Entity
Nation-State and Transnational Entity Interaction

From the Paper:

"In Canada, the indigenous tribes that lived on the land before the arrival of the Europeans are referred to as the First Nations. This provides a clear example of what is meant by a nation; these independent groups of people each had their own culture, histories, and visions of the future. They did not hold political or governmental sway over a specific area, so they were not states, but they did permanently reside in the area, and their cultural commonalities made each of these groups an independent nation. An example of a state provided in Bergman and Renwick (2008) is Somalia, which had political sovereignty within defined geographical borders, but which incorporated people of markedly different cultures and beliefs (pp. 440).
"France, like most of the nations in Europe, can be considered a modern nation-state. Though historically the different regions of France were actually occupied by distinct groups of people, these associations have long since been supplanted by a common French culture and language, and sense of a shared history and future. This makes France cohesive as a nation, and its political sovereignty within the established borders of the country also defines it as a state. The modern international community is made up primarily of this type of entity."

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