The Long-Term Impacts Of Slavery Term Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

The Long-Term Impacts Of Slavery
An examination of the impact of slavery on attitudes of minorities and the majority of Americans today.
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This paper addresses the long-term impacts of slavery on African Americans and society in general in the United States. The paper questions whether affirmative action really continued to benefit African Americans who may have been denied equal opportunities for jobs. The paper then looks at the ways in which the historical problem of slavery continues to persist in today's attitudes by both minorities and the majority of Americans.

From the Paper:

"The impact of slavery on Affirmative Action and fairness also impacts the recent effort to exact reparations for survivors of slaves. While this may never happen, there is proof that the effects of slavery still linger, physically. William Thompson, a professor of public administration at the University of Nevada, blames the history of slavery as causing some problems in the genes of today's African Americans."
"While the 1960s equal everything from the marches by Martin Luther King, Jr., the positive approaches to civil rights by JFK, culminating in Affirmative action as a law along with civil rights beginning in 1964- were seemingly a watershed; it might be argued that the supporters of Affirmative Action made a mistake in alienating the status quo."

Sample of Sources Used:

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