The Language of Fez from ''That 70s Show.'' Term Paper

The Language of Fez from ''That 70s Show.''
This essay analyzes the language of the character Fez (''That 70s Show'') from a linguistic point of view.
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Published on Feb 22, 2011 in Language (English: Linguistics) , English (Analysis) , Linguistics (General)

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The essay deals with a linguistic analytical approach to studying the use of language of a particular character, Fez, from the television show, "That 70s Show", as a means of purveying group identity. The essay also deals with the manner in which the language defies the Gricean Maxims of Conversation, and how this contributes to the comedy of the character. An appendix with notes from the television series is included with the paper.

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From the Paper:

''That '70s Show entertained audiences across the world. For eight seasons, the series portrayed the everyday lives of seven teenage friends during the 1970s. Drawing from references to music, films, trends, and fashions of the '70s, the series used pop culture and comedic effects to weave the stories of these seven friends. Each of the main characters of the series was a generalized attempt at depicting the various subcultures of the era. Eric Foreman, for instance, is the average boy-next-door who simply tries to survive the social demands of the time. His girlfriend, Donna, is a highly-intellectual, highly-motivated proponent of feminism. Jackie and Kelso are the popular power couple concerned primarily with self-image and vanity. Hyde, who comes from a shattered family background, is the apathetic, unmotivated stoner. Finally, there is Fez, the foreign exchange student whose lack of cultural knowledge often lead to misunderstandings. The majority of the humor and comedic situations associated with Fez derive largely from issues dealing with his language.''

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