The Kyoto Accord: Annotated Bibliography Term Paper by Master Researcher

The Kyoto Accord: Annotated Bibliography
An annotated bibliography on the Kyoto Accord.
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This paper presents an annotated bibliography of sources on the Kyoto Accord in a Canadian context. The paper proceeds from general sites to more specialized and diverse sources. The source includes government documents and Web sites, general works on global warming, books, journals, and popular newspapers and magazines.

General Sources
Scientific Issues
Opponents of Kyoto
Kyoto and the Canadian Oil Industry
Cars and Kyoto in Canada

From the Paper:

"This book provides an important framework for understanding the debate about climate change. According to Bruce Mitchell, "the themes of conflict and uncertainty...[are] a central element in resource and environmental management."(Mitchell, 1995, p. 6) In fact, he states that these terms are essential to an understanding of contemporary environmental issues.
"Four types of conflict have been identified within the field of resource management. (Mitchell, 1995, p 2) Cognitive conflicts involve thinking about information. Value conflicts relate to determination of what is a desirable goal. Interest conflicts relate to the distribution of benefits and costs. Finally, there are behavioural conflicts that reflect the pasts and the personalities of the interested parties.
"In a similar fashion uncertainty, in terms of environmental management, has been subdivided into four categories. (Mitchell, 1995, p. 3) Risk exists when one knows the odds. Uncertainty arises when we have most of the information but a conclusive estimation of the odds is not possible. One might know the required variables but lack sufficient data to assign numerical values to them. Ignorance is present when one is not aware of a risk and not even considering it. Indeterminacy arises from misunderstanding of causal relationships. Many authors have suggests that the complexity of every ecosystem means that, ultimately, they are indeterminate."

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