The Judiciary Branch - An Overview Term Paper by Nicky

An overview of the judiciary branch of government.
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Published on Mar 05, 2012 in Law (Constitution)

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This paper examines the judiciary branch of the US government, its role and functions. First, the paper describes the role of federal courts and which cases they will hear. Then, it highlights the role of federal judges, which is to interpret the laws that Congress has written. Finally, the paper discusses when an appeal can be made to a decision and how the court of appeals hears it. The paper concludes by stating that the judicial branch plays a vital role in the three-branch system of the United States.

From the Paper:

'The federal judge's role is to interpret the laws that Congress has written. When Congress writes a law, the meaning and wording of that law is put into practice by federal judges when they interpret that law in the context of their cases. The "federal courts enjoy the sole power to interpret the law, determine the constitutionality of the law, and apply it to individual cases" (White House, 2009). So while Congress produces laws, it does not work with those laws itself, leaving that task to the judicial branch. This separation of duties is one of the core concepts in our three-tiered governance system. Each branch has a defined role, and those roles intertwine with one another to produce a functioning government and judiciary. This separation of powers plays several important roles in governance: it prevents concentration of power; and provides each branch with means to ward off encroachment on its authority by the other two branches (University of Missouri-Kansas City, 2009). In addition to the federal district courts, significant roles are played by the courts of appeals and the Supreme Court."

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