The Issues in Health Care Reform Term Paper by Nicky

An overview of the central issues in the debate on health care reform in the United States.
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Published on Mar 27, 2012 in Political Science (U.S.) , Medical and Health (Public Health Issues)

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The paper presents the belief that controlling the rising cost of health care is essential for health care reform and then outlines four main issues in the health care debate, including the public option issue, the reform of the insurance industry, malpractice reform and preventative care. The paper highlights how each component of the proposed reform works to lower the cost of health care and improve access to Americans. The paper explains that this results in better outcomes for doctors no longer practicing defensive medicine and increased efficiency from both insurance providers and health care practitioners.

From the Paper:

"The public option is one of the most hotly-contested issues in the health care debate. The government would create a publicly-run insurance option that would compete with the private insurers. This would provide an insurance option for citizens with pre-existing conditions, and guarantee that they would not have their coverage dropped. The public option would be funded through savings that accrue from Medicare reform, much of which derives from reducing the overall cost of health care.
"The second major issue is to reform the insurance industry. The public option will apply pressure to insurance companies by drawing customers away from them. If only those Americans who are otherwise unable to attain insurance adopt the public option, there will be little in the way of insurance reform. However, it is expected that health care reform will institute explicit changes in the ways that insurance companies deal with patients. They will be unable to drop coverage or decline on the basis of pre-existing conditions. These changes are contentious in the insurance industry because of the potential for profit reduction.
"The third major issue is malpractice reform. At present, it is believed that many health care professionals practice what has been termed "defensive" medicine, whereby they seek to reduce the risk of malpractice suits, rather than maximize the quality of health care."

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