The Issue of Homelessness Term Paper by Nicky

The Issue of Homelessness
This paper explores the issue of homelessness in the United States and what is being done about it.
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The paper describes the problems that are caused by homelessness and then addresses the concerns over homelessness from a nursing, economic, psychological and social justice perspective. The paper specifically discusses how many homeless people are not taking medications they need for their mental disorders. In its conclusion, the paper suggests ways to help those who are homeless.

From the Paper:

"So what can be done to help with the homeless problem in society? Economic changes are clearly one of the things that are needed, as well as a good plan that will get more people working and lower the homelessness rate, which would then ease the burden on other working people. Political responsibility is also going to be necessary. Public policy needs to stop and take into account all of the burdens of homelessness that are not able to be measured by a bank account, and some of these are areas where nursing can play a large role. These measures need to be taken in order to help the problems that come with being out of work for a long period of time, such as poor physical and mental health, and a lowered sense of self-esteem. Some of this can be taken care of through social work and nursing programs and ways that people who are homeless can get the help that they really need."

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