The Innocence Commission: Wrongful Convictions Term Paper by JCowie024

The Innocence Commission: Wrongful Convictions
A look at how individuals are wrongfully convicted of a crime and what solutions are available to correct the situation.
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This paper discusses how a wrongful conviction is a miscarriage of justice and occurs when a person is convicted and punished for a crime he did not commit. The paper also looks at how most criminal justice systems have some means to overturn or rectify a wrongful conviction, but this is very difficult to achieve. Finally, the paper looks at the causes of some of these wrongful convictions and contends that when an innocent person is wrongfully convicted, it is definitely a serious miscarriage of justice.

The Causes of Wrongful Convictions
Case Examples
Suggestions to Eliminate Wrongful Convictions

From the Paper:

"The most common reason for a wrongful conviction is because of a mistaken I.D. Studies have been done over the years to determine the error percentage. But from 1932 when the first study done by Borchard through 1996 conducted by Huff, Rattner, and Sagarin, the percentages range anywhere from 45% to 60%. The biggest reason for witness misidentification is because most police departments show victims pictures simultaneously rather than one at a time. Studies show fewer errors are made when pictures are shown one at a time. In addition, sometimes victims want to identify the offender so badly that he or she may identify anyone who even remotely looks like the person or persons who wronged them."

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