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The Impact of Various Media on Children
A discussion of the negative effects of mass media on children and a suggestion of possible solutions to the problem.
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This paper examines the impact of various forms of mass media upon children. Specifically, the paper focuses on the impact of videos, TV shows, movies and the Internet. The paper takes a look at how each media can lead to potentially disastrous outcomes if not enough is done by parents to stem the over-exposure of their children to violent or unhealthy programs, games, or films. The paper also devotes some time to looking at a few important but often under-valued steps parents can take that will protect their children with regards to all of the various types of media outlined above.

From the Paper:

"Excessive television watching, just like excessive time in front of a computer screen playing video games of one kind or another, can harm children in many more ways than merely psychologically. For one thing, too much television viewing can negatively impact a child's eating habits, weight, physical activity, interest in scholastic matters, physical health, and school performance. Every bit as troubling, a child's sleep patterns and his or her susceptibility to seizures can genuinely be affected by how much television he or she chooses to watch (Gupta, 1994). Parents who fail to understand these facts run the distinct risk of endangering the health and long-term welfare of their children."

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