The Honey Bee Mystery Term Paper by Nicky

The Honey Bee Mystery
Looks at the mystery of the vanishing honey bees, which remains a unsolved puzzle.
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This paper explains that the cause of the agricultural problem of honey bee colony collapse disorder is now believed to be multifactorial. Next, the author reviews potential reasons for this mystery: parasite infestations, viral infections, environmental insults, GM crops, bio pesticides and changing bee culture agro-practices. The paper urges the adoption of an integrated pest management system to revive the honey bee populations while still limiting the damage caused by the pests so that the agro-economy is not injured.

Table of Contents:
Colony Collapse Disorder
Parasite Infestation
Viral Infections
Environmental Insults (A Potential Cause)
GM Crops and Bio Pesticides
The Changing Bee Culture
Integrated Pest Management (The Best Solution)

From the Paper:

"Recently, the focus has shifted on a new virus known as the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus (IAPV). Studies have shown that the virus came from the infected Australian bees that were imported to the USA in 2005 due to the mounting pressure from the almond growers association. Since almonds solely depend on bees for their pollination, the lack of enough bees forced the US government to lift its 1992 embargo on bee imports. A recent study by Cox-foster identified the IAPV as a clear marker in the samples from the CCD affected migratory bee operations."

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