The History of Rotorcraft Term Paper by scribbler

The History of Rotorcraft
A review of the history and developments in rotorcrafts and their technology.
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This paper investigates the ancient origins of rotorcraft and looks at the first helicopters developed. The paper describes the invention of the Autogiro, the developments in American helicopters and tilt rotor aircraft, and how man's interest with flight has benefited modern society. The paper considers the future uses of this technology and describes safer tilt-rotor aerial vehicles and unmanned miniatures. The paper includes references as footnotes to the paper.

Early Developments
The First Helicopters
The Autogiro
American Helicopters
Tilt Rotor Aircraft
Future Rotorcraft Capability

From the Paper:

"Even before the Wright Brothers first airplane took flight, Igor Sikorsky was building a coaxial helicopter in Russia. . Into the early twentieth century, there were more attempts to build helicopters than fixed wing aircrafts . However, these early models, developed around 1907 were not able sustain flights as we know it today; they merely just hopped of the ground . The failure of these early pioneers and their designs is due in part to a failure to truly understanding of the nature of lift and their heavy weight-to-power ratio from inadequate motor use. The development of the engine is fundamental to any form of flight. While airplanes could fly with engines of relatively lower power, the success of the helicopter's hover abilities required aircraft engine technology that could build much more powerful and lightweight engines. A look at the historical record shows that the need for engines of sufficient power-to-weight ratio was really a key enabling technology for the success of the helicopter .
"Prior to 1870, the steam engine was all that was available for engineers and mechanics to use in most mechanical devices. The steam engine is a relatively primitive external combustion engine. It requires a separate boiler, combustor, recirculating pump, condenser, power producing piston and cylinder and well as a fuel and an ample supply of water."

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