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The History of Jamaica
A review of the history and culture of Jamaica.
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The paper outlines the history of Jamaica from the first Spanish conquerors who decimated the population of Arawak natives to the British rule and the issue of slavery. The paper relates that the island gained independence in 1962 and notes that the current history of Jamaica is filled with street rallies related to taxes, standard of living, and political issues. The paper then discusses how the country enjoys a rich tourist sector and focuses on the most important and well known food in Jamaica that is the "jerk", and the influence of Robert Nesta Marley, a Jamaican who succeeded in bringing attention to reggae music.

From the Paper:

"The history of the state is strongly related to the first elements of the Spanish conquerors, especially the one who is attributed to have discovered America. More precisely, Christopher Columbus sailed across the islands of the Carabiens and eventually landed in Jamaica. However, according to some accounts, the Spanish experience was by no means a pleasant one. In this sense, in old history accounts "the horrors of the early Spanish rule can only be imagined. Millions of the gentle Caribs were transported to the mainland, and worked to death in the Spanish gold mines. Those that were permitted to remain were, if they survived the Inquisition, pressed into slavery" (Johnson, 2010)
"The first impact of the Spanish rule was of course a cruel one from at least two points of view. On the one hand, the Spanish colonial system was by nature a possessive one; on the other hand the role played by the natives and in particular their nature created a very big gap between the conquerors and them.
"The Spanish colonial system had obvious traits not only from the way in which it imposed its powers over the colonies it discovered but also from the point of view of the motivation it triggered. More precisely, the system in itself was often at the complete disposal of the Spanish king or Queen."

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