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The Global Warming Myth
A brief look at the argument that global warming is a mere myth and the dangers this attitude holds.
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Published on Sep 25, 2012 in Hot Topics (Global Warming) , Environmental Studies (General)

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The issue of global warming and the effect of carbon emissions on the environment has become an extremely contentious issue in recent years. This paper examines how there are those who argue that the suggested dire consequences of global warming are in fact not occurring, or occurring at a much less dramatic rate than is popularly assumed. The paper also looks at how other more extreme views are that global warming are mostly a fiction. These diverse arguments are explored in this paper. The central thesis is that global warming is a reality that can only be ignored at the risk of severely affecting the future. It is also argued that those who tend to downgrade this threat or those who dismiss it out of hand often do so out of short-sighted and self-serving reasons.

Introduction and Background
Brief Overview
Central Arguments
Conclusion and Position Statement

From the Paper:

" The majority of critics and scientists concur with the finding that global warming poses a risk to humanity. It has also been linked to shortages of food supplies and the increase in infectious diseases as well as changes in the various biological ecosystems of the world, which are already having profound effects on human life and health. One of the strongest arguments for this view comes from the World Health Organization (WHO) with the prediction that by 2030 climatic changes will cause the deaths of 300, 000 people annually. (D'EMILIO, FRANCES. 2003) For example, in Asia a rise in the sea level coupled with an increase in the intensity of tropical cycles "would displace tens of millions of people in low-lying coastal areas ... trigger decreases in agricultural productivity and diminish food security". (International panel warns of global warming devastation). "

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