The Future of Alternative Energy Sources Term Paper by Professor Victor Verb

The Future of Alternative Energy Sources
An analysis of the future of alternative energy sources.
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This paper provides an overview of what energy means to humanity. The paper explores the problems associated with non-renewable energy sources. This is followed by an examination of some of the more promising alternative energy sources being investigated and used today. A summary of the research is provided in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion
Problems Associated with Non-renewable Energy Sources
Alternative Renewable Energy Sources
Summary and Conclusion

From the Paper:

"People have always been looking for alternative forms of energy to improve their chances for survival and simply to make their lives easier. From the first hitching of an ox to a plow, a horse to a wheeled cart, or a primitive water wheel for milling grain, people have always tried to minimize their labor and maximize their efforts. Up until about 1800, though, the primary source of fuel was wood and people still relied heavily on animals for transportation and power. However, since the Industrial Revolution, there has been in increasing reliance on nonrenewable fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum as a main source of energy. The costs associated with the use of such fossil fuels has been enormous, both in terms of environmental impact and the high economic costs involved with how these fuels must be obtained, refined and delivered to consumers. All of these steps require energy in and of themselves, and many observers are questioning the logic of continuing to pursue antiquated technologies in view of the alternative energy sources that have emerged over the last few decades."

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