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A look at the negative effects of the fur trade on the Native peoples of Canada.
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The paper explains how although the fur trade proved to be quite beneficial for Europeans, it had the opposite effect on the Native peoples of Canada. The paper discusses the Natives' increased reliance on European goods, the introduction and spread of disease through contact with European colonists, and aggravated tensions between neighboring nations over trading rights and dwindling beaver populations.

From the Paper:

"Lastly, trade with Europeans became so desirable that it led to increased competition between tribes such as the Hurons and Iroquois for trading routes and trapping grounds. The Hurons had been previously invited to join the Five Nations Confederacy, and had rejected an alliance with their traditional enemies. In addition, the Huron controlled and lived in areas which were rich sources of fur- a fact that was particularly important at a time when the beaver numbers were dwindling- and made them desirable targets. Although the two groups had always been formidable enemies, the Hurons became an even bigger target and faced the greatest military threat from the Iroquois around "the time when disease had weakened them and their internal cohesion had been reduced by the growth of a Christian faction".2 Although many Hurons believed that differences should be put aside and that alliances should be made with their long-established enemies, most traditionalists distrusted the Iroquois more than the French and chose to align themselves with the Christian-Huron faction instead."

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