The Freudian Perspective on Human Psychology Term Paper by Nicky

The Freudian Perspective on Human Psychology
An overview of Sigmund Freud's model of human psychology.
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Published on Oct 05, 2011 in Psychology (Dreams) , Psychology (Freud) , Psychology (Theory)

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The paper outlines how Freudian psychology suggests that the traumatic experiences and ordinary frustrations of infancy and childhood, as well as those arising as a function of sexual urges, become repressed into the subconscious mind and direct our external behavior. The paper examines Freud's emphasis of sexuality as the primary psychological motivation in general and also explains his views on repression, the repetition compulsion, and dream interpretation.

Background and History
The Freudian Model of Human Psychology
The Role of Sex and Developmental Stages in Freudian Psychology
Repression, the Repetition Compulsion, and Dream Interpretation

From the Paper:

"Freud proposed that the Super Ego is the source of human guilt which represents the interrelationship with the types of behavior the individual knows are desired by others and the need of the individual not to violate those expectations of the ideal values in society (Pinker, 2002). According to Freud, in between the Id and the Super Ego, the Ego is a moderating influence that allows both the Id and the Super Ego to contribute to psychological behavior without either overwhelming the other (Gerrig & Zimbardo, 2008; McWilliams, 2004). In common terms, the Ego is the "voice of reason" in the adult human being that allows for rational behavior instead of either uncontrolled pursuit of wants and needs of the Id or the complete inhibition of self-interested behavior by the Super Ego (Pinker, 2002)."

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