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The Failure of Novell NetWare
A look at the history and development of Novell NetWare from the middle 1980s to, roughly, the middle 1990s.
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The paper discusses the history of Novell NetWare and looks at the path-breaking S-Net, the NetWare 286 and 386 and NetWare 4.x. The paper shows how an industry leader could fail because it was unprepared to make the sort of changes it needed to make in order to stay abreast of competitors. The paper emphasizes that although NetWare 2, NetWare 3 and NetWare 4 were all cutting-edge products, they were also products that featured modularity and reliability shortcomings the company never adequately addressed.

From the Paper:

"The very first Novell NOS product was the S-Net. S-Net was a proprietary NOS that relied on a star-based network characterized by a specialized computer running the S-Net OS on a Motorola 68000. This arrangement was not exactly cutting-edge, and Novell subsequently took steps to improve its fledgling product line by introducing the NetWare 86. NetWare 86 provided a multi-tasking and centralized file, print and application server that ran on the old IBM PC XT with an Intel 8086 Processor providing; it was during the 1980s a custom-designed operating system and that remains the case today for its successors. Unfortunately, the NetWare package was not, is not, capable of serving as a workstation operating system; it can only function as a dedicated server operating system."

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