The Environmentally Unfriendly Secrets of Biofuel Term Paper by Nicky

The Environmentally Unfriendly Secrets of Biofuel
This paper looks at the environmental problems connected to biofuel.
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Published on Aug 05, 2011 in Hot Topics (Global Warming) , Environmental Studies (General) , Hot Topics (General)

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The paper discusses the detrimental effects of the widespread growth of biofuel crops, including deforestation and the runoff of pesticides and nitrogen-based fertilizers. It also discusses the contribution of the use of biofuels to the problem of greenhouse gases. In a related discussion, the paper looks at the idea that biofuels may be contributing more powerfully to global warming that had been previously thought to be the case.

From the Paper:

"According to New Scientist, corn ethanol produces nearly as twice much pollution than gasoline. In addition, Seungdo Kim and Bruce E. Dale from the Michigan State University department of engineering say, "Biodiesel uses increased emissions of nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbon which is one of the substances to affect greenhouse effect." Also, several new studies show that the bio-fuel boom is doing exactly the opposite of what its proponents intended: it is dramatically accelerating global warming, imperiling the planet in the name of saving it. Corn ethanol, always environmentally suspect, turns out to be environmentally disastrous (Grunwald). It is a fact that the burning of biomass contributes to greenhouse effects. Thus, bio-fuels have been, in many cases, scientifically debunked as the saviors of the planet."

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