The Education of Women in Afghanistan Term Paper by Jessie

The Education of Women in Afghanistan
A look at the importance of educating women in Afghanistan.
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This paper argues that the education of women in Afghanistan should become an important national policy goal, further citing why education is beneficial to the nation overall. According to the paper, the education of Afghani women will provide three significant advantages. First, education will improve the economic performance of the nation, allowing women to serve more actively within the nation's workforce. Second, education will allow mothers to better educate their children in the home. Finally, education is needed to overcome the oppression of women and to combat discrimination based upon sex. Additionally, the paper examines the current status of education in Afghanistan, showing how access is often based on gender. The paper also notes that educating women will help end poverty in this country. The paper cites Pakistan as a nation that has encouraged education of its women in certain professions. The paper concludes by stating that the nation of Afghanistan will enjoy many benefits from the widespread practice of educating its female citizens.

The Status of Education in Afghanistan
The Advantages of Educating Women in Afghanistan
Barriers to Change
The Example of Pakistan
Conclusion and Recommendations

From the Paper:

"The nation cannot thrive by concentrating upon the education of men only. The educational progress of women is very important to the nation as well. Women, like men, can also work outside of the home. The greater number of workers creates a more diverse labor pool. This helps companies find the employees that they need to expand their operations, enabling economic growth.
"The economic advantage of education is not the only reason to support the education of women. Education serves as the gateway for improved rights for women. "Education has been the stumbling block keeping women from attaining equal status in society, separating them from their male counterparts. It has also been the door to this elusive dream" (Horany and Urich 1). Education serves as the gateway to improved economic opportunities. Financial independence is necessary if women are to gain equal status within society."

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