The Discipline of Social Psychology Term Paper by Nicky

The Discipline of Social Psychology
An overview of the field of social psychology.
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Published on Oct 25, 2011 in Psychology (Social)

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The paper defines social psychology, examines its four key characteristics and discusses the concept of situationism and the role that it plays in social psychology. The paper identifies the five core social motives and explains how they impact the field of social psychology.

Social Psychology Defined
The Four Key Characteristics of Social Psychology
The Concept of Situationism and the Role that it Plays in Social Psychology
The Five Core Social Motives and how they Impact the Field of Social Psychology

From the Paper:

"Recent work social psychologists suggest that agents lack a moral character comprised of robust, global moral dispositions. According to situationists like, most individuals overestimate the role dispositional factors play in explaining an individual's behavior, and underestimate the role the situation plays. Drawing on experimental results in social psychology, situationism advocates claim that our behaviors are best explained not be globalist conceptions of moral character traits, but rather by situational factors. While a number of virtue ethicists have attempted to call into question situationists' criticism, there is an impressive array of evidence from the social psychology literature which suggests that many people do possess one or more robust global character traits pertaining to helping others in need. (Timpe, 2009)"

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