The Death Penalty Term Paper

The Death Penalty
This paper discusses that the death penalty is not effective because it does not successfully serve the purpose of threatening criminals or deterring criminals from committing illegal acts.
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This paper explains that since ancient times the death penalty for various types of crimes and in various forms of execution has been used by societies especially societies, which were based on scriptural rules often tied up in religion and providing a public spectacle. The author points out several arguments against the death penalty such as (1) racial discrimination, which is striking when examining the statistics of over-representation by minority and low-come persons sitting on death row and (2) the irreversible nature of the death penalty especially since many people on death row have later been declared innocent. The paper states that state-sponsored execution draws criticism from international sources -- only China and Iran are ahead of the U.S. in terms of state-sanctioned execution.

From the Paper:

"Currently, the majority of states in the U.S. do have the death penalty as a system of state-sponsored execution. Traditionally, the south has tended to be more pro-death-penalty, and racial lines of division are also traditionally highlighted in this region. An overrepresentation of minorities on death row is accepted by most sources as a statistically proven fact, and only a few sources disagree. Added to this is that most sources also tend to agree that there is not clear evidence of the death penalty acting as a deterrent in these cases. Agencies such as Amnesty International have spread educational measures regarding the reprehensible nature of the death penalty and the need for its abolition. Although methods of execution have changed, the belief in the death penalty as an effective deterrent has remained fairly constant domestically, especially in Texas and in the south where the death penalty tends to be used more often. Some sources, such as Sorell, in his rather over-philosophical estimation of the death penalty, which relies more on Kant and Miller than the present, do not take this reality into account at all in the text."

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