The Controversy of GM Crops Term Paper by Write Fine

The Controversy of GM Crops
An overview of the issues surrounding the genetically modified (GM) food revolution and agricultural biotechnology.
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The paper explores the long-term prospects of GM crops by looking at the scientific controversies regarding these crops' effects on our health, effects on children, their impact on the environment and the possibility of gene contamination. The paper shows how it is not yet clear if the biotechnological revolution is destined to be the magical cure for the famine-torn third world nations or just a temporary solution that may be ridden with unwanted health and economic consequences. The paper concludes that with the divided opinions as to the safety of GM crops, embracing the 'biotechnology way' as a solution presents a difficult choice.

GM Food Regulations and Patenting
GM Foods (Health Effects)
Antibiotic Marker Genes (Danger for Children)
The Environmental Factor
Gene Contamination

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