The Complexities of Growing Up Term Paper by gnossos

The Complexities of Growing Up
This paper explores different areas of child psychology, including prenatal development, physical development and personality development.
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The paper discusses the germinal, embryonic and fetal stages of prenatal development, and also describes a newborn's physical development and the influences on a child's personality development. The paper examines the concepts of self, gender and sex roles and analyzes the impact of culture on developing children. Finally, the writer relates his personal reaction to this course.

Table of Contents:
Prenatal Development
Physical Development
Personality Development
Concepts of Sex, Gender & Sex Roles
Impact of Culture on Developing Children
Personal Reaction

From the Paper:

"We begin to develop our personality even before we can talk. Some mothers may say we have a personality even in the womb. A classic psychological correlational study was done in 1971 by Diane Baumrind that offered revolutionary insight into a child's behavioral development as it is affected by parents' disciplinary methods. Baumrind's study is unique because she chose to allow existing behavioral styles to just be rather than to manipulate them. This gave a more natural result to her findings rather than results that may have been a bit more forced as some other studies tended to be. Baumrind utilized home observation and surveys to classify three distinct types of disciplinary styles.
"The three disciplinary styles Baumrind described are authoritarian, authoritative and permissive. The authoritarian style is of course the disciplinary type with the highest application of the parent's power. Authoritative parents are clear in the fact that they are in charge, however they tend to be more democratic and kind. Permissive parents are passive even when children should be disciplined. In addition to classifying parental styles, Baumrind also observed how the children behaved in each different type of parenting. What Baumrind clearly noticed was that children of authoritative parents seemed to behave the best of the three categories. This study instills in us the knowledge that parental treatment is one of the biggest factors in how children develop their personalities (Gray, 2011, p. 33)."

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