The Cold War's Impact on Canadian Society Term Paper by Master Researcher

The Cold War's Impact on Canadian Society
An examination of the impact of the Cold War on Canada.
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The paper asserts that the impact of the Cold War on Canadian society was profound and significant. The paper explains that American with-hunting violated Canadian freedoms, but discusses how the Canadian government was more liberal in dealing with internal security. The paper describes how although it tightened up on democratic rights to a certain extent, the Canadians made an extra effort to find a balance between establishing security and allowing freedom to Canadian citizens. The paper explains that they very shrewdly perceived that smearing peoples' reputations with innuendo and questions about "loyalty" would ultimately hurt Canadian society more than help it.

From the Paper:

"Without doubt, the Cold War had a major impact on Canadian society, especially in the context of how certain freedoms were taken away from the Canadian people. Canadian officials very much supported strong measures to deal with internal security. This is because they were very much concerned about the Soviet threat. However, the Canadian government did not go to the extreme of Joseph McCarthy in the United States, who had emerged on the American scene in 195O. The Americans had cracked down in such a way that fundamental freedoms were taken away. This never occurred in Canada. Nonetheless, the Americans themselves were able to violate the rights of Canadians. This is where the true outrage lay in the Cold War's impact on Canadian society.
"The Secretary of State for External Affairs, Lester Pearson, was very active in trying to make sure that McCarthyism did not penetrate Canadian society. In his own memoirs, he has written about how difficult it was for Canadians to find a balance between trying to establish some kind of security, but also allowing freedom to Canadian citizens. (Pearson, Mike II, p.167) Pearson saw individual freedom as very important, and he believed that the fight against communism should not overshadow it."

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