The Brain Stem Term Paper by jlatigue

The Brain Stem
This paper discusses that the brain stem plays a very important role in a human being's life.
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In this article the writer notes that the brain stem is responsible for major vital life functions such as breathing, heartbeat, and blood pressure. The writer points out that the location of the brain stem leaves it easily accessible to serious injury, which can result in cognition, emotional, and behavioral impairments. The rationale of such injuries can increase and decrease depending on which situations an individual places themselves into. The writer discusses that the treatment options that are available for brain stem injuries and diseases are very remarkable and the research being done on the subject are even more astonishing.

From the Paper:

" Each individual's brain is the center of your nervous system. It is completed by over hundred billion nerve cells and every cell is linked to approximately ten thousand others. So the full amount number of associates in your brain is about one thousand trillion. The nervous system is a set of connections of units called neurons which conveys information in the assortment of electrical indicators. Your brain has roughly a hundred billion neurons and all corresponds with thousands more. Neurons converse with each other at particular intersections wherever substance aid to link the opening among one neuron and the next. Nerve inclinations are a means of ciphering information, in a comparable technique to FM radio, permitting information to be conveyed equally rapidly and correctly. Every inclination is the similar amount so it is the occurrence that transmits information concerning the strength of the indication. "

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