The Beaufort Sea Dispute Term Paper by kmae

Looks at joint development agreements (JDA) about the Arctic Circle in an attempt to resolve the territorial dispute between Canada and the US over the Beaufort Sea.
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This paper relates that, in the past, the dispute between Canada and the US over the proper maritime boundary in the Beaufort Sea did not matter; however, now, the ice is melting for part of the year, which creates the ability to exploit the resources beneath the seafloor. Next, the author explains the ways that joint development agreements (JDA), a relatively new phenomenon in international relations, have been used to resolve similar disputes between other countries, especially Sudan and Saudi Arabia. The paper concludes that the best approach to solving the problem is a JDA for both Canada and the US to explore and exploit the Beaufort Sea resources in the most efficient and responsible manner. The bibliography is in the footnotes.

Table of Contents:
History of the Dispute
Why the Dispute Matters
International Dispute Resolution Regimes
International Joint Development Agreements
A JDA is the Best Option to Resolve the Beaufort Sea Issue

From the Paper:

"The main issue that remains is sovereignty. Historically, in Canada as in the US, it is unacceptable to negotiate sovereignty. The great thing about JDA's, however, is that sovereignty can either be set aside to deal with at a later date, or as in Sudan - Saudi Arabia, the parties can agree to joint sovereignty. Both paths would work for the US and Canada over the Beaufort Sea as the legal systems, governments, and cultures are already so similar. I predict, were the US and Canada to enter into a JDA that they would "agree to disagree" and set sovereignty aside."

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