The Aluminum Extrusion Process Term Paper

The Aluminum Extrusion Process
An overview of the aluminum extrusion process
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Published on May 04, 2010 in Engineering (Industrial) , Engineering (Mechanical)

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This paper is a review of the extrusion process. Its focus is on the application of the extrusion process as it pertains to aluminum, the most widely extruded material. The paper discusses different types of extrusion, characteristics and technology. Figures and diagrams are also included.

Extrusion Types
Conventional Extrusion
Indirect Extrusion
Impact Extrusion
Hydrostatic Extrusion
Die Characteristics
Solid Dies
Hollow Dies
Extrusion Thermodynamics
Isothermal Extrusion
Extrusion Defects
Future Developmental Areas of Study
Tooling and Die Technology
Extrusion Process Technology

From the Paper:

"Another way to help achieve isothermal extrusion is to treat the billet in a way that will give it a tapered temperature profile. This can be achieved by a couple different methods. First, the billet can be heated unevenly before extrusion. This can be done with either induction heating machines or with gas fired machines as long as they have separate sections for heating along the length of the billet. Another method is to heat the billet evenly and to cool the tail end of the billet before it is loaded into the extrusion press. These methods are useful in industry, however because of the high heat conductivity of aluminum if there is any delay in the extrusion process the billet temperature tends to become uniform. Because of this tendency of aluminum it is beneficial to have a cooling system incorporated into the press. By passing water or another cooling medium such as nitrogen around the container in the correct locations the temperature gradient in the billet can be maintained."

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