Teen Depression: The Facts and the Myths Term Paper

A look at the causes, symptoms and treatment of depression in teens.
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This paper begins by differentiating between the facts and the myths of depression and then identifies the signs and symptoms of depression in teens. The paper examines the treatment of depression and the potential side effects of antidepressants.

From the Paper:

"First, it would be beneficial to separate the facts from the myths of depression. According to the National Institute of Mental Health "8 percent of adolescents experience depression" (NMHA). That number may seem low on a spectrum of 1% to 100%, but the reality is that the number is very possibly higher due to the lack of adolescents admitting and reporting they have suffered from depression. The number is also low enough that some parents may revert to the age old "it won't happen to us" mentality. Just as dangerous is the myth that "teens are just moody" (NMHA). Parents are also quick to believe the myth that "the depressed kids are loners" and feel comfortable that their teen is popular, active and social, or has a tight group of reliable friends. The truth is that depression hits teenagers for different reasons and it can affect anyone, no matter social status. "The common thread is that depressed teens tend to feel alone, even when they are surrounded by friends" (NMHA).
"Other myths are biologically or physically based. For instance, one myth reported by National Mental Health America is "depression isn't an inherited condition." The truth is that depression does get passed down genetically and runs through families. It is important that all family members suffering from depression get treatment, and in doing so may help each other overcome it."

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