Sustainable Development Strategies for Small States and Islands Term Paper by Refalo29

Sustainable Development Strategies for Small States and Islands
An exploration of the need for sustainable development strategies, with a focus on small states and islands.
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This paper explores the meaning of sustainable development and the reasons why sustainable development is especially important for small states and islands. The author addresses the issue of whether or not countries have an obligation to draw up a sustainable development strategy and then explains why sustainable development is in the best interest of all countries, weak and powerful alike.

What Do You Understand by Sustainable Development?
Why is Sustainable Development Especially Important for Small Island States?
Why is a Sustainable Development Strategy Important for the Pursuit Of Sustainable Development?
Do Countries have an Obligation to Draw Up a Sustainable Development Strategy?

From the Paper:

"Compared to powerful and larger countries, small island states are more economically, environmentally and socially vulnerable to calamitous events and crises over which they have very limited influence considering the fact that they are small in physical size and lack the necessary resources and means to deal with these situations. These events may be natural and/or caused by human activity. Unsustainable development would only make matters worse.
"In this sense, small island states will have to rely on effective sustainable development measures that would serve as a way to mitigate and effectively manage with such events: events like climate change and global warming, sea-level rise, natural and environmental disasters like floods, destructive hurricanes and typhoons, and also socio-economic crises like widespread poverty, lack of employment opportunities, famines, and civil conflicts. Such events further complicate the already-tough challenges that small island states face.
"In certain cases, these events even threaten the very existence of small island states. An exceptional case is that of the Maldives. The Maldives' maximum natural ground level is that of just 2.3 metres averaging only about 1.5 metres . It is being estimated that by the year 2100, the sea-level could rise by 60 centimetres : if that would be the case, then a large percentage of the Maldives territory is at serious risk of becoming submerged by the end of this century."

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