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An explanation of human consciousness.
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Published on Dec 27, 2012 in Psychology (Behaviorism) , Psychology (Physiological)

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This paper explains what is meant by consciousness and how by studying physiological psychology, it can be seen that parts of the brain are involved in verbal behavior and probably responsible for one's consciousness. It also looks at some of the more influential figures in the field of physiological psychology and how the human nervous system works.

Physiological Psychology
Historical Figures in Physiological Psychology
Human Nervous System and Behavior
Research Methodologies used in Physiological Psychology

From the Paper:

''The nervous system which exchanges millions of indications corresponding with thoughts, feeling and actions is usually active every moment of the day. This nervous system is important in a person's behavior. For example, when meeting with a friend, the eyes' visual information is sent to the brain through the nervous cells. Once the information reaches the brain, it is interpreted and translated into a signal to take action. The brain will as a result send a command to the voice action system or any other action system such as the glands or muscles. Therefore, the nervous system enables a rapid recognition and action ("Biological Base of Behavior" n.d.).
''The nervous system is also important in a person's behavior because it allows us to perceive, interpret and respond to events from the environment. This is the most complex system of the human body. While single-cell creatures do not need a nervous system, multi-celled creatures are in need of the nervous system for communication between cells. The single-cell creatures don't need the nervous system because they are in direct contact with their environment. Due to the fact that the human brain is made up of at least 10 billion neutrons, it's a multi-celled creature which needs the nervous system. This nervous system is therefore extremely important for human behavior because of three main functions which are sensing specific external and internal information, integration (understanding) of the sensed information.''

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