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Structure and Function of Mitochondria
This paper explains how the structure of mitochondria directly relate to their function as cellular powerhouses.
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Published on Jun 09, 2010 in Biology (Molecular and Cell)

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The paper explains the processes involved in the production of energy from food, with a focus on the two pathways by which glucose can enter the cell; anaerobic respiration and Kreb's cycle. The paper further explains the purpose of respiration in the mitochondria and the role of the mitochondrial cristae. The paper aims to show that without the specific structure of mitochondria, particularly the cristae and cellular matrix, the Kreb's cycle would not be possible and cells would have a very difficult time obtaining the energy required for carrying out normal cellular processes.

From the Paper:

"Mitochondria are double membrane bound organelles present in most eukaryotic cells. The main cellular function of mitochondria is to provide energy for the cell to allow it to move, divide, contract, etc. For this reason, mitochondria are often referred to as the "powerhouse" of the cell.
"The general shape of mitochondria is usually rod-shaped. The inner membrane is composed of folds which project inward. These folds are called cristae. The matrix is inside the space enclosed by the inner membrane. Strands of DNA, ribosomes, and small granules may be present in the matrix. Using these molecules, the mitochondria are able to code for part of their proteins."

Sample of Sources Used:

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