Strategy for Gang Reduction in Latin America Term Paper by scribbler

Strategy for Gang Reduction in Latin America
A brief overview of the Latin American gang problem, with a look at potential interventions.
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The paper discusses how Latin America is reeling under the scourge of a dangerous and violent gang culture where the gangs perpetrate serious offenses including drug trafficking, human trafficking and brutal killings. The paper notes the ineffectiveness of aggressive anti drug laws and the incarceration of gang youths and explores potential interventions that involve reforms to improve the social infrastructure, such as providing shelter to displaced youths, improving access to educational and vocational training programs, involving youths in social activities and creating more jobs. The paper points out that managing the funding, resource allocation and successful implementation of the projects demands active commitment from the respective governments and collaborative partnership with regional as well as transnational organizations.

Latin American Gang Problems
Gangs (Social and Political Factors)

From the Paper:

"Gangs are powerful and dominating in Latin America that they severely undermine the political process and the stability in that region. As per a recent OAS report, violence perpetrated by these gang networks claims as many as 100,000 people per year. Also, reports indicate that the economic costs of these gang related crimes is a staggering 15% of the regional GDP. According to Mr. Jose Miguel Insulza, the secretary General of the OAS, Gang related violence is, "an epidemic, a plague on our continent that kills more people than AIDS. The integrity of the democratic institutions in our region is seriously at risk,". [Carlos Lauria, (2008)] The development of these gangs poses severe problems for the US as well. Mexico and Colombia are the leading producers of marijuana, cocaine and met amphetamines and statistics show that as much as 90% of these drugs in the US are smuggled from across the border from Mexico. [Colleen W Cook, Oct 2007] Colombia and Mexico are struggling with drug cartel problems and intensification of action against these drug networks has only resulted in escalated drug related violence.
"Investigative Journalists who uncover the operations of the criminal gang networks have been regularly targeted. Reports indicate that in Mexico alone as many as 24 journalists have been killed since 2000. Violence also ensues due to conflict between the drug cartels and the gangs that compete for the smuggling routes for trafficking drug into Mexico."

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