Strategic Management and Wal-Mart - An Overview Term Paper by scribbler

An overview of Wal-Mart's operations and management.
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Published on Sep 07, 2012 in Business (Companies) , Business (Management) , Labor Studies (General)

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This paper discusses several aspects of Wal-Mart's operations, particularly noting the corporate culture, management style and compensation of employees. First, the paper presents statistics about Wal-Mart's market share and sales in recent years. It also introduces the corporate culture and philosophy of the organization, which is to keep customers satisfied. Next, the paper points out the recent decline in Wal-Mart sales and several reasons for this. Then, the paper addresses some criticisms of Wal-Mart, such as it being anti-union and the compensation for employees, which is considered low. The paper concludes by stating that although Wal-Mart presents themselves as a visionary company it is not clear that they have figured out how to carry out their vision in a positive and successful way.

From the Paper:

"It seems that Wal-Mart talks the talk but does not seem to walk the walk. They pride themselves on promoting their unique culture in which they strive for excellence while making life easier for their customers. And although they seem to do this with their "Always Low Prices" campaign they seem to be doing it at the expense of their employees and shareholders. They have grown so quickly over the years that they have almost out grown the market in which they are trying to be competitive. Their growth has slowed which in turn slows the return on investment that their shareholders are used to. This is making many of them worry that profits will continue to be slow and may even fall in the years to come.
"It is not a secret that the company has had many issues surrounding their employees over the years. They refuse to let their employees unionize and have traditionally been known to be one of the lowest paying retail companies across the country. There have been numerous law suits filed alleging everything from discrimination to unequal opportunities for promotion. Wal-Mart boosts about how content their employees are and about how wonderful a place..."

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