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Sources of Motivation
A brief look at what motivates human beings.
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Published on Jul 27, 2010 in Psychology (Motivation Studies)

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In order to determine what motivates us, this paper looks at the definition of motivation together with theories proposed by Clark Hull. The paper also looks at Hull's theories of drive-reduction have some merit when integrated with the ideas of other theorists like Freud and Maslow. It concludes that motivation has its start in the biological processes within the body, and the needs that must be met in order to maintain a healthy state of being are absolutely behind the driving forces which motivate all of us; at least on a physiological level.

Sources of Motivation
Definition of Motivation
Homeostatic, Non-Homeostatic, Learned or Social Motives
Motivation and Behavior

From the Paper:

"Motivation can be linked almost directly to the behavior that a person will exhibit, almost like the theory of cause and effect. When a person (or animal for that matter) has the drive inside of them telling them that they are hungry and in need of food, motivation will kick into action and let their body know what the next step will be; finding adequate sustenance to bring the body back into balance. Once the decision has been made that in order to quell the hunger food must be found, the behavior to find food will naturally be next. Therefore, the behavior is in direct correlation with the motivation. Motives arouse and direct our behaviors towards specific goals that we each individually want to reach to satisfy our needs (A2Z Psychology, 2002-2010)."

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