Solutions to Obesity in the United States Term Paper by Nicky

A discussion on two opposing views on what must be done to combat the obesity crisis in the United States.
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The paper discusses the contention that the focus should be on culture and education, as well as the argument that the government should intervene in the form of legislation. The paper considers the strengths and weaknesses of both options and examines which will benefit the greatest amount of U.S. citizens. The paper reaches the conclusion that while legislation may have a place in the curbing of obesity in the United States, it is education aimed at changing the culture of obesity in the United States that will have real, long-term effects on the issue.

Introduction to the Problem: Obesity in America
Discussion and Critical Evaluation of the Evidence
Conclusion Including Solutions and Limitations

From the Paper:

"The two primary solutions to ending obesity in America each appeal to a select group and have each been offered for a variety of valid reasons. The first solution is presented by those who favor changing America's culture using education in order to make Americans aware of the problems associated with obesity, what causes obesity, and that obesity is a disease; obese people need to be helped, not ridiculed. On the opposing side, those who favor legislation suggest that when given an option, most will choose to continue engaging in behaviors that make them obese even if they know the outcome. Citing obesity as a national health crisis, they call for legislation, a "fat tax,' that would raise the taxes on junk food items such as potato chips, French fries, and candy bars (Satchell, 2009). Because junk food adversely impacts the pocket book, Americans could be encouraged to eat healthy.
"Both of these solutions have strengths and weaknesses that could respectively aid or debunk the attempt to curb obesity in the United States. By focusing on changing America's culture through education, educators would have the chance to impact whole generations, possibly eradicating the problem in the long term through offering health education courses at schools in addition to through libraries and other centers for adult education."

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