Solar Energy: A Comprehensive Alternative Energy Approach Term Paper by Nicky

Solar Energy: A Comprehensive Alternative Energy Approach
This paper provides an overview of solar energy and how it works, as well as a discussion concerning its potential benefits for businesses and the environment alike.
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The paper examines the importance of solar energy as a sustainable energy source and a brief discussion of the origins of the current energy crisis and is followed by a discussion concerning how solar energy is collected and used. An assessment of the potential impact of widespread solar energy use in the United States is followed by an analysis of what types of changes will need to take place for this type of alternative energy initiative to succeed. Finally, a discussion of the short- and long-term goals for solar energy is followed by a summary of the research and important findings. The paper includes photographs and a number of diagrams and tables.

Review and Discussion
Why Do We Need Solar Energy?
What Does Solar Energy Do?
How Does Solar Energy Help People, Businesses, Environment, Etc?
What/Who/How Caused The Need For This?
How Do We Go About Getting This Resource?
How Are We Going To Harness This Power?
What Is Going To Happen Once Solar Power Is Widespread?
Are There Other Types Of Energy That Can Be Used?
How Are We Going To Have To Change To Embrace This New Type Of Energy?
What Are The Short Term Goals For This?
What Are the Long Term Goals For This?

From the Paper:

"Anyone who has purchased a tank of gasoline, a sack of groceries or paid an electric bill in the past few months can readily testify to the need for cheaper and more reliable sources of energy for the United States today. The nation's continuing reliance on fossil fuels such as petroleum and coal have created a dilemma for consumers and businesses alike as energy prices continue to skyrocket and the country's security is threatened by uncertain foreign suppliers that can play havoc with the national economy by reducing production, raising prices, or imposing an embargo. History has shown time and again that the OPEC and like-minded energy producers are not reluctant to use these tactics when they believe the situation calls for them, and the need for alternative energy sources has never been greater than today.
"What does solar energy do?
"Solar energy is responsible for virtually all forms of the life on earth, providing both the power source and warmth needed to sustain life in an otherwise sterile and harsh universe. Solar energy also drives or contributes to global weather systems."

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