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Socialization at Coca-Cola
This paper looks at organizational behavior and discusses the matter of socialization at Coca-Cola.
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In this paper, the writer discusses that Coca-Cola has long been a powerful symbol of American corporate success and yet, that proud legacy is now under attack as the company finds itself faced with sagging fortunes. This paper suggests that Coke's socialization practices are lacking insofar as they do not have appropriate employee programs and evaluation processes in place; consequently, new or veteran workers are left with the impression that the organization is reneging on its relational commitments under the psychological contract. In the end, the writer maintains that Coca-Cola must pursue socialization practices that stress the value of employee excellence (this includes stringent accountability measures) and it must find new ways of relating to workers that it does, indeed, value relational as opposed to merely transactional contacts between the company and its workers.

Socialization Practices of Coca-Cola
Detecting the culture of Coca-Cola
Socialization Tactics: Institutionalized Approach but Missing Methods for Socialization
Psychological Contract between the Organization and its Workers: The Missing Relational Element

From the Paper:

"The culture of the company is thus one that is wedded to its own past and informed by its own self-image as an embodiment of American enterprising excellence.
"Further, the company is not beyond drawing faith from its successes in the past after previous reversals. For instance, although Coke appears to be going through somewhat of a fallow period at the moment, close observers are quick to point out that Coke has rebounded from adversity in the past. Although it is not clear how much Coke reminds workers of how the organization has come back from the brink in the past, the corporate culture is certainly one predicated upon showing an organizational history of success and fortitude."

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