Social Cognitive Theory and Behavior Term Paper by scribbler

A look at the social cognitive theory of behavior.
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Published on Sep 25, 2012 in Psychology (Behaviorism) , Psychology (Theory)

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This paper presents an overview of social cognitive theory and its relationship to human behavior. First, the paper defines behavior and the different variables that influence it. Then, it describes social cognitive theory and ways in which it can be observed in both real life and in clinical settings. Next, the paper considers the impact of ethnic and culturally diverse groups living within close proximate of one another. At this point, the paper describes ethnocentrism. The paper concludes by stating that social cognitive theory can be used to explain human behavior because it uses multiple principals, in attempting to determine what factors will influence behavior.


The Use of the Behavioral / Social Cognitive Theory to Explain Assimilation

From the Paper:

"Whenever you have a variety of ethnic and culturally diverse groups living within close proximate of one another, there is going to be an impact upon everyone. What happens is: when a particular individual or family arrives in a community, they are a part of a particular ethnic group or nationality. Where, they will believe that their way of life and culture is the most appropriate way to live (ethnocentrism). As this group begins to interact with other ethnic groups in the community, they will encounter other ethnocentric views about ethnicity and nationality. Over the course of time, these various members of the community will interact with each other in both positive and negative ways. As these different ethnic groups are interacting with one another, you will begin to see each one have an influence on the other. Where, they will begin to borrow the ideas / traditions from the individuals of other ethnic groups. This creates what is known as shared values and traditions with in the community. As events could be planned that are geared toward a particular ethnic group / nationality. Yet, many of the other ethnic groups will participate, because this tradition has become a community norm. When applying the..."

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