Slavery in Early US History Term Paper by Nicky

Slavery in Early US History
A discussion of the institution of slavery in America.
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This paper traces the history and experience of slavery in the United States, examining several aspects of this episode in American history. The paper begins by showing the origins of slavery in Virginia. Then, it quotes Frederick Douglas and what he saw and experienced as a slave, including the beatings and abhorrent living conditions. The paper continues by describing basic human rights that slaves were denied and how these continued following their freedom. The paper also describes the shift from an ethnocentric to a racist conception of non-English peoples in America.

The Place to Begin
Rise of Chattel Slavery
Gross Features of Slavery
The Puritan Plight
Openings to Closing Conceptions of Rights

From the Paper:

"The overseer was not permitted to whip Harry, Nellie's husband, as Harry was a favorite "hand" of Col. Lloyd. Nelly, a vigorous and spirited woman, on the other hand, also the mother of five sprightly children, was one of the most likely slaves on the plantation to be guilty of impudence. As a result of Nelly's reported imprudence, Mr. Sevier, the overseer, decided to flog her. Douglass recounts that the loud curses and screams proceeding from Mr. Sevier's flogging of Nelly drew an abundance of attention to the horrific scene. Nelly strongly resisted being prepared for the flogging, but ultimately to no avail, except to slow overseer's plans. While Mr. Sevier flogged Nelly, her children screamed: "Let my mammy go"..." "Let my mammy go". Mr. Sevier, along with a number of bitter curses, "threatened to 'teach the d--d b--h how to give a white man impudence'" "

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