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An analysis of Sister Callista Roy's adaptation model and theories regarding nursing.
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Published on Mar 25, 2008 in Medical and Health (Nursing)

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This paper examines and interprets the metaparadigm concepts of Sister Callista Roy's adaptation model and theories on nursing. The paper focuses particularly on Roy's definitions of environment, health, nursing, and person. It notes that these definitions are all marked by dynamism, that is, health, person and so on were in process and constant interaction. Analyzing the two paradigms of the totality approach and the simultaneity approach, the author of the paper modifies her own definition of environment in a major way. To conclude, the author recounts how she was able to evaluate and transform her initial definitions of the metaparadigm concepts according to her own reflections on experiences in clinical practice.


From the Paper:

"Roy defines environment in terms of a totality approach because persons are in a relationship to both the internal and external stimuli in the environment that act upon them. Roy's definition of environment is "all conditions, circumstances, and influences surrounding and affecting the development and behavior of persons or groups" (George, 1985, p. 309). The interaction between the person and the environment is dynamic since the environment stimulates the person so that they make adaptive response to it (Andrews & Roy, 1991). Roy considers the concept of environment from a totality approach since the term environment refers to every internal and external condition, circumstance, and influence which impact on either the development or behavior of people (Parse, 1987). The interaction of the person with the environment is actually an extremely complex process consisting of internal and eternal stimuli which are communicated through a complex feedback system which, in turn, depends on signals from the brain (Roy & Roberts, 1981)."

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