Should the Flat Tax Replace the Current Tax System? Term Paper by Mr

An examination of the flat tax system as an alternative to the current taxation system in the United States.
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Published on Dec 30, 2012 in Economics (Taxation) , Political Science (U.S.) , Economics (National)

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The paper describes the current system of taxation in the United States and considers whether a flat tax should replace the current system. The paper defines the flat tax system and outlines the main arguments put forward by both proponents and opponents of flat taxation. The paper concludes that based on these persuasive arguments, one could make a case that the current US tax system should be replaced with the flat tax system and the IRS should be abolished.

From the Paper:

"The United States employs a complicated system of taxation. This system involves taxation on many levels of government including but not limited to local and municipal governments, districts, regional entities such as school districts, state and federal governments and many others. In addition to taxation based on income from work, most if not all jurisdictions in the United States also imposes sales taxes. USA tax system on the federal level is somewhat structured to ensure that the more money a tax payer makes, the more taxes they pay. So the best way to see the current tax system employed in the US is to say that it is very confusing, and often involves double taxation on multi levels of Government.
"During the early periods of the US history, government revenues were largely derived from imposition of tariffs, this period covered the era of the 1790s up to the First World War. Eventually revenues derived from the federal income taxes surpassed those coming from tariffs. The United States Congress adopted the first federal statute for income tax obligation between the year 1861 and 1862. At first a much simpler structure was imposed. A 3% tax was assessed on income above $800 and up to 5% imposed on incomes over $10,000. Today the average marginal income taxes paid in the United States is about 10% to 33% in the year 2009. (Internal Revenue Office, 2010)"

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