Sexuality of Hermaphrodites Term Paper by Nicky

Sexuality of Hermaphrodites
This essay explores the social view of hermaphrodites as well as sexual attraction and identity within the hermaphrodite community.
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This essay discusses issues faced by hermaphrodites in society. The paper defines hermaphroditism, offers an overview of how the condition is viewed and treated by the medical community and explores the physiological aspects of the condition. It also explores issues of sexual attraction and sexual identity. The paper finds that while there is confusion in society about how to label the intersexed person, more often than not there is no confusion in the mind of the intersexed person as to whom they are attracted which indicates that a large part of attraction is mentally, not just physically, determined.

From the Paper:

"For intersex individuals, sexual identity and attraction hinges upon self-perception. "Most of us take for granted a harmony between our biological sex and our psychological experience of being female or male, our gender identity. We just are women and men, and the relative effortlessness of this identity can lead us to reify a simple, dichotomous view of gender. People are meant to be either female or male, both physically and psychologically," (Looy and Bouma III 172) . From ancient history, we know that hermaphrodites have been both a symbolic and very real element of sexual life."

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