Sex in the Media Term Paper by Nicky

A discussion about sexual images in the media.
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Published on Dec 28, 2011 in Child, Youth Issues (Teen, Adult Issues) , Advertising (General)

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This paper discusses the use of overtly sexual images in the media and their impact on viewers, particularly youth. The paper further describes how sexuality associated with a product helps it sell, especially among young consumers. The advertising campaigns of several companies are discussed, such as Calvin Klein and Levis jeans. According to the paper, many advertisers exploit youth's impressionable psyche by making use of sexual images in their campaign. The paper then examines the problems with such a campaign targeted at youth, noting that this is a very impressionable period in their lives. The paper concludes by stating that sexual content in mass media is now simply unavoidable, however, it is possible to change the way these images are perceived by counteracting them with a more effective policy and strategy.

From the Paper:

"Many advertisers have exploited youth's impressionable psyche by making use of sexual images in their campaign. Another culprit in this regard is the retailer Abercrombie and Fitch. They are known for putting suggestive slogans on their shirts and creating figure hugging clothes for teenagers which appear rather provocative. In their Holiday Quarterly in 2002, they literally went overboard with sexual imagery when they used nude men and women on front cover as well as on several pages within the catalogue. This outraged people as Don Wildmon, chairman of American Family Association said: "Abercrombie & Fitch is selling porn, plain and simple. This is a company that markets itself to young people, and their message is one of promoting immoral personal and social behavior (AFA Action). This catalogue had no clothing messages so it was difficult for people to distinguish it from a pornographic magazine. In their defense, however a spokesperson for Abercrombie and Fitch said: "These photos depict young, healthy, presumably red-blooded young Americans posing, frolicking, and generally living what could be considered the 'good life.' They do this in Abercrombie clothes, sometimes; others..."

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