Settlement of North America Term Paper by Jay Writtings LLC

Settlement of North America
Looks at the struggles between France and England to settle North America during the early 1700s.
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This paper first explains that the two colonial powers England and Spain that had been colonizing the Americas were joined by France, who eventually held Canada and almost everything else west of the Appalachian Mountains to the Mississippi River and beyond. The paper then describes the 1701 Grand Settlement treaty and the 1713 Treaty of Utretch, both of which gave Britain a considerable edge in the battle for control of North America. After describing the comparative strengths and weaknesses of England and France in their continuing conflict while settling North America, the paper concludes that the two powers' struggles ended in 1763 with the Treaty of Paris, which gave Britain Canada and much of New France.

From the Paper:

"British weaknesses involved the size of the colonies. While the land, which England, held was smaller than that of France, it had a great deal more colonialists, thus leading to competition for land, and internal struggles. Forts were limited in strength and were vulnerable - there were not enough soldiers for the territory. This enabled the French to attack their settlements without fear: the 1704 attack on Deerfield, for example, where the French burned homes, and forced more than 100 citizens, including women and children, to march to Montreal, around 300 miles away."

Sample of Sources Used:

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