Sensitivity to Cultural Variations and Differences Term Paper

Sensitivity to Cultural Variations and Differences
A speech addressing the challenges of multicultural instruction within learning environments.
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Published on Nov 02, 2015

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challenges facing multicultural institutions can be addressed through increased awareness, employing cultural sensitive communications, modification of the instructional process, and accommodation of critical cultural differences

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"A number of converging factors in the present day world is increasingly making the teaching and learning environment a common multi-cultural and cross-cultural environment. Industrial globalization and the expanding world trades are increasing creating a world that necessitates cross-cultural interactions (Edmundson, 2007). Additionally, increasing specialization in different professions has created a dispersed audience targeted by educational institutions. Instructors wishing to stay updated or students seeking to develop specialized skills that are in line with the demands of a dynamic world, require access to current educational programs that may even require them to travel abroad or enroll in distance learning programs (Berge, 2007). The ever growing telecommunication technology is fueling the willingness to learn and teach across cultures. Advanced applications and internet technologies have made open and distance learning a possible alternative to the traditional educational system.
"Contrary to the growing access to educational opportunities, cultural diversity among learners and teacher remains unclear owing to the deeply held cultural values and thinking models that are almost inseparable from the learning and teaching processes. The growing need for educational access gives learners and instructors the right to demand culturally adaptive learning methods. Students joining educational institution in a cultural context that is not aligned with their cultures can experience conflicts not only in regard to compatible learning and teaching processes, but also in their attempt to maintain professional self struggle and to connect with the local culture. In that respect, institutional designers, instructors and instructional providers, particularly those working in virtual environments, should actively seek ways of developing skills to deliver culturally adaptive and culturally sensitive instructions. "

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