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Senior Citizens as a Vulnerable Population
A review of the treatment and specific needs of senior citizens and the elderly.
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The paper looks at the physical, mental and social factors that make the elderly a vulnerable segment of society. The paper also discusses various issues affecting this age group such as discrimination and specific nursing needs and then describes certain measures that can be taken to assist the elderly. The paper concludes that the quality of life of senior citizens will depend on unique legislation to protect their needs, employment without fear of retribution and discrimination, as well as health care systems that can meet their needs.

From the Paper:

"According to Carstensen, "Longetivity is the largely unexpected consequences of improvements in general living conditions. Genetically speaking, we are no smarter or heartier than our relatives were 10,000 years ago" (2007, p. 42). Nonetheless, more and more elderly and senior citizens in our society choose to remain active vital members of the community. Unfortunately, older Americans are still viewed as incompetent and frail, due solely to their age, which can lead to age discrimination. This discrimination is not only unjust, but can lead to physical and mental health problems for senior citizens as well. The cross-national Ageism Survey found that "84 percent of Americans more than 60 years old report one or more incidents of ageism, including insulting jokes, disrespect, patronizing behavior and assumptions pertaining to frailty or ailments (citing e.g., Palmore 2004; see also Kassau 1977; Kimmel 1988; Byron, Mong, & Roscigno, 2007). Furthermore, older workers have self-reported that they have faced age discrimination in 12,271 cases, with "2,181 verified cases wherein probable cause determinations were reached or favorable settlements for the charging party were brokered by a neutral party."

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