Semantic Memory and Language Production Term Paper by Nicky

Semantic Memory and Language Production
A brief discussion on the relationship between language production and semantic memory.
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Published on Dec 05, 2011 in Communication (Language and Speech) , Psychology (Memory) , Language (General)

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The paper explains that because of the way that semantic memory provides access to shared and common concepts and ideas in a society or culture, it is an essential component of language production and necessary for the normal functioning of the individual in society.
The paper notes the distinction between semantic memory and episodic memory and also discusses what language is and its main purpose. The paper clearly shows that in the various stages of language production and creation from childhood to adulthood, semantic memory plays an essential role in the development of language skills.

Introduction and Overview of Semantic Memory
The Nature and Functions of Language

From the Paper:

"In order to discuss the relationship between language production and semantic memory one first has to have some understanding of the meaning of language or what language is. The discussion of this subject takes place in terms of linguistic theory. Linguistics refers to the scientific study of language which "... endeavors to answer the question--what is language and how is represented in the mind?"( Linguistics).
"Furthermore, in order to communicate meaningfully language must have a certain understandable structure. It makes use of symbols which can refer to sounds or written characters that represent objects, actions and events. Language must also be able to convey and communicate ideas and concepts that the individual might not experience personally but which may have occurred at different times and in different places. (Learning and Conditioning)
"The main purpose of language is communication and this would not be possible if there were no shared and general concepts and ideas that could be referred to in language - which again points to the importance of semantic memory. In the development of language skills the learning and implementation of semantic memory is therefore vital to the central aims of language and communication."

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