Selecting a Mobile Phone Service Provider Term Paper by Nicky

Presents an extensive literature review examining the influence of advertising and word of mouth on consumer decision-making when selecting mobile phone service provider in Kuwait.
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This paper presents the author's theory that mobile phone service providers in Kuwait should be aware of the research regarding the influence of advertising and word of mouth (WOM) on consumer decision-making. Next, the author reviews topics relating to the importance of consumer behavior, decision making process theories, factors influencing advertising in the service industry and the effectiveness of advertising by mobile service providers. The paper focuses on the word of mouth (WOM) process especially on the internet, how it compares to normative advertising and the influence of both advertising and WOM on the decision making process. The author concludes that WOM does provide significant influence. Tables are included in the paper.

Table of Contents:
Consumer Behavior
The Importance of Consumer Behavior
Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior
Decision Making Process Theories
Definition of Decision Making Process
Howard-Sheth's Theory
Consumer Black Box Model
Five Stages Model of Consumer Buying Behavior
How does Advertising Work?
Factors Affecting Advertising
Advertising in the Service Industry
Effectiveness of the Mobile Service Providers Advertising
Word of Mouth
Effectiveness of word of mouth
Factors Affecting Word of Mouth
Positive and Negative Word of Mouth
The Internet Word of Mouth
Comparison between Advertising and Word of Mouth
Influence of Advertising on Consumer Decision Making Process Influence of Word of Mouth on Consumer Decision Making Process
Summary and Conclusion

From the Paper:

"In the article, "Persuasion Knowledge: Lay People's and Researchers' Beliefs about the Psychology of Advertising," Marian Friestad and Peter Wright (1995) investigate persuasion, another noted phenomenon related to decision making. Friestad and Wright argue that the individual's persuasion knowledge serves as a significant determinant of how he/she copes with (and produces) persuasion attempts; stressing that in a complete theory of persuasion, this knowledge must be accounted for. During their study, Friestad and Wright address questions such as: "What do lay people believe about the psychology of advertising and persuasion?" and "How similar are the beliefs of lay people to those of consumer researchers?"
"Findings from the exploration by Friestada and Wright (1995) of the content of individuals' conceptions of ways television advertising impacts its audience indicate that lay people and researchers share numerous general beliefs regarding the psychology of persuasion. They also, however, note a number of dissimilarities between the two groups' persuasion knowledge. Ultimately, Friestad and Wright discuss implications from the findings regarding the existence of cultural folk knowledge, along with the way this knowledge affects persuasion. When a person interprets and responds to ads or sales presentations, as well as when he/she evaluates the persuasion attempts' effectiveness or appropriateness, he/she draws on his/her persuasion beliefs."

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