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Science Questions
The paper provides a number of answers to questions pertaining to global climactic change.
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Specifically, this paper looks at metereological phenomena, the shifting global tides, glaciation, the interaction between the earth and the sun, the elliptical revolution of the earth, and the strange seasonal aberrations that can result from the earth's axis being tilted even slightly.

From the Paper:

"What sort of energy does the earth receive from the sun? The answer: electromagnetic energy in the form of radiation. What sort of energy does the earth release into space? The answer: The earth releases heat energy into space. What is the relationship between energy received and energy released? Answer: The earth receives solar energy (solar radiation) from the sun and expels the excess back into space; if this expelled energy is trapped by "hothouse" gases, then the surface temperature rises. As well, it is worth noting that heat transfer occurs in the direction of decreasing temperature (in other words, heat from the..."

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