Same-Sex Relationships Term Paper

Same-Sex Relationships
A paper on the discrimination and prejudice attitudes towards gays and lesbians in Canadian society.
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This paper outlines the ongoing prejudice and discrimination towards the gay community in Canada. In particular, the paper looks at how one of the biggest controversies regarding gay rights has been over the right for gay and lesbian couples to engage in marriage and over the issues related to marriage such as spousal rights and adoption.

From the Paper:

"Heterosexual marriages have more acceptance and rights than those in the homosexual community. In a marriage with a male and female partner, the Government pays pensions to the surviving spouse after the other mate has died, they receive annuities, retirement benefits, housing rights, social security, medical benefits and various other advantages. However, the gay and lesbian community is excluded. They do not get any of these benefits because the government legislation does not recognize same-gender couples and therefore denies them of any benefits received by heterosexual partners. Right now, employers have been told that employee benefits that were once only given to married spouses are now also available to anyone who lives someone of the opposite sex for one year or more. "

Sample of Sources Used:

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